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How Do You keep the Smell of Cat Urine Under Control?

Loving cats is understandable, they can be the best furry family members around!   As much as we love them, they do create a problem with their urine, it can ruin a home.  This smell makes it difficult when going to sell your home or if it's time to move out of a rental property.  Getting a handle on it before it causes permanent damage is critical.  

Odor from cat urine can be removed by Bio-One

Neutering your can may stop spraying

Male cats tend to be the largest culprits for urine damage.  When a male cat is not neutered, they will mark their territory leaving many surface areas damaged.  This kind of damage can go unnoticed for days or even months.  Once it penetrates flooring, and often sub-flooring, it makes it difficult to remove. 


The best option in this case, is to have your cat neutered by a veterinarian-  a simple, safe practice that is often included when you adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue.


If your cat is not adopted from a shelter, it would be advisable to make an appointment with your cats vet.  The sooner the better, because spraying can get out of hand very quickly! 

Investing in a good, high quality litter box, as well as good quality litter, is a must.  Clay litter does not prove to be the best at reducing urine odor and/or absorbing the excrement.  Wood pellets tend to do the best job but still require consistent cleaning. 


Depending on the number of cats in your family, it may be wise to invest in multiple litter boxes.  A plastic tray is also a good choice for protecting the flooring around your litter boxes. 


If it is too late for these proactive procedures you can try treating the area with a mixture of white vinegar, dish detergent and baking soda.  If this does not remove the odor, you will likely have to call in the professionals.

Litter and litter box options matter

Bio-One of Cherokee County are leaders in odor removal services. Often proprietary chemicals, like those that Bio-One uses, are the only way to eliminate pesky cat urine odors. Contact us today and get a free odor removal quote. We will get rid of the smell for good and restore the area to a pre-feline state!